About The Project


Our mission is to improve the lives of rural Americans through the promotion of financial literacy and the delivery of financial planning by well-trained and ethical financial planning professionals.

We also support the development of Financial Planning Professionals.

We will promote the financial planning profession as an attractive career path for business minded students at Shepherd University through:

  • Creation of a financial planning major
  • CFP Board of Standards accreditation for the curriculum
  • Tuition assistance for deserving students
  • Financial Incentives for financial planning professors
  • Professional mentorship for financial planning students
  • Identification and creation of career opportunities
  • Resource identification and development

We will support the mission of Shepherd University through:

  • Financial support for the financial planning curriculum
    • Financial incentives for professors
    • Scholarships for deserving financial planning students
  • Marketing of the financial planning curriculum in the mid-Atlantic region
  • Adjunct professors from the CFP professional community


    Tuition Aid: Project members contribute funds for tuition and expenses for deserving students. We will augment this contribution by seeking matching funds from major financial institutions such as Fidelity Investments, local banks and financial planning professionals.

    Financial Incentives for Educators: RFPP will spearhead an effort to raise endowment funds from the financial planning community. Our five year goal is to raise $300,000 for this purpose. Funds will will be held and managed by the Shepherd University Foundation.

    Mentorship: RFPP will organize a committee of local financial planners to act as mentors for financial planning students to provide:

    • Professional advisors
    • Internship
    • Job opportunities
    • University steering